Monday, 23 April 2012

About Tettt..

Hello everybody....

HAVE A GOOD DAY..insyaAllah

First of all I would like to thank you all for visiting my entry
I wanna share something to all of you about...TeTttt

My cute sister..nAnA
I love her so much
She is funny and always support what else that I want to do
She always stand by my side
.. & what I love about her ..
She'll never give up to survive her life even she is alone
.. & for her, our family is everything
I love her such I love myself..
but actually I wanna share about my happiness family

Haha..not about her @ my sister..nAnA

Thankful to Allah for give me a parents that so lovely and caring about me and my siblings
my youngest brother right now are 14 years old and compared with my eldest sister age about 30 something for this year..opss..sorry.i'am not remember her age

Readers of my entry..please imagine that how many years my parents are live together
When I was young..I think about death at all times
I'am very fear...I don't want to loss my parents. they are everything for me
<my kindly mother and my funny father>
but in reality..everyone must die someday
We also know that when our age are increase, thats mean our chance to breath air provided by Allah are decrease
...I'll continue for next time cause i have to go right now..

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